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Amazon dropshipping
Amazon Dropshipping
Start a dropshipping business on Amazon from Pakistan

Dropshipping means selling products without holding any inventory or shipping products yourself. The dropship supplier handles inventory and shipping. Amazon dropshippers manage customer-related tasks only.

The dropshipper acts as a middleman between the customer and the dropship supplier. They forward orders from customers to their dropship suppliers.

Also, they forward tracking number details from dropship suppliers to each customer on Amazon.

  1. You list products to sell on Amazon.
  2. Customers place orders on your Amazon store.
  3. You forward the order to your supplier who ships the product directly to the customer.
  4. You pay your supplier the wholesale price for the product.
  5. You keep the profit margin between the wholesale price and the retail price paid by the customer.
  6. You forward the order tracking number from the supplier to your customer.
  7. Your customer receives the order directly from your supplier (not knowing it was drop shipped).

This e-commerce model reduces overhead costs and is popular among sellers. With drop shipping, the seller needs to strictly abide by all Amazon policies. If not, there might be a risk of seller account deactivation. Learn more about Amazon Dropshipping here.

Services We Provide

Setup Amazon Account & Imporant Account Settings

  • Setting up Amazon Account
  • Crucial account settings
  • Setting up shipping and return settings
  • Providing exclusive dropship suppliers

If you want to start selling through Amazon Dropshipping but don’t have an account, we can help. Buzz Byte offers Amazon account creation services. Visit our Amazon Account Creation Service page and contact us.

Searching dropship vendors

Our extensive experience has enabled us to provide you with many reputable and renowned dropship vendors. We are always on the hunt for new vendors that provide dropship services for our Amazon clients.

Regulating operations

Our competent team of professionals will do product research, product listing, and inventory management for you. We have defined criteria for product hunting that guarantees high sales and profit.

After-sales support

Buzz Byte will allot you a dedicated account manager who will manage all returns and provide customer support. The manager will monitor the account daily and report any issues to ensure smooth operations.