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3pl Warehousing Services
Stop overpaying for prep and ship services!


From the beginning, our company has prioritized providing high-quality operational services to online sellers. We strive to establish strong relationships with our clients and meet their specific needs for achieving success.

About our Fulfilment

Buzz Byte offers top-notch inspection and packaging services for online
businesses, specifically catering to marketplace 
sellers like Amazon. Providing best 3PL Warehousing Services.

Our expertise lies in assisting sellers with preparing and shipping their products to Amazon FBA warehouses. Additionally, we excel in providing order fulfillment and customer service support for direct-to-consumer sellers.

With nearly 4 years of experience in the industry, we possess the knowledge and insights needed to thrive in e-commerce fulfillment.

Our Prep Services Include

Buzz Byte 3PL Warehouse provides a variety of services for FBA prep and more, including common merchant needs. If you need a service that is not listed above or require a quote, please contact us.

How it Works

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Ship your items

Upon arrival, your items will be inspected and stored. We will notify you once we receive them and inform you of any damages that may have occurred during the shipping process.

Prep items according to Need

The longer your products remain in the FBA prep process, the more potential revenue you may lose. To prevent this, we initiate the FBA prep process immediately upon the arrival of your products.

Create shipping plan

Once your inventory is prepared for an Amazon Fulfillment Center, we update it in Seller Central and generate shipping labels. Your order will be on its way to Amazon in no time.

Ship to Amazon

Your order will be shipped to the Amazon Fulfillment Center of your choice. We will inform you once your order has left our warehouse and has been marked as done in our system.

Best Value in the Business!

$0.65 Per Item for Standard Amazon FBA Services
$1.80 Per Order for Standard FBM Fulfilment

(contact us for non-Amazon merchant fulfillment pricing)

Important Notice:   We are open for prep and ship services in any category except shipments that contain hazardous products.

Our standard services include receiving, unboxing, sorting the content, verifying the correct contents of your packages, and visual inspection of the inventory.

We will remove existing store stickers, document your inventory, and then re-box your items with box content information to the FBA shipping plans. We also include printing and affixing your FNSKU shipping labels.

No charge for additional labeling! (Fragile, Made In China, Do Not Separate, Suffocation Warning, or more).

No additional charges for materials used in re-boxing items for shipping. We use recycled materials to help the environment and save on costs.


Prices exclude opening sealed product boxes to conduct prep services, quality control inspections, testing for functionality, and resealing products.

Insert Placement is included, if you provide the inserts.

Seller Central Access

We do not charge to create shipping plans!

We require user permission access to print FNSKU labels, complete shipping plans with box content and dimensions, and print box labels.

We can add listings to your Amazon inventory for $1.00 per listing (a one-time charge for the listings). Products must already be included in the Amazon catalog.

Freight Forwarding and Container Services

Freight forwarding is $3.00 per carton.  This fee is waived if we are also providing the prep service. Forwarding includes breaking down pallet, labeling each carton, rebuilding and wrapping the pallet, and labeling the pallet.

Container Service is $500 for a 20-foot container and $900 for a 40-foot container. Service includes unloading containers, documenting goods received, carton count, unit count, and outer carton inspection for damage or issues during shipping.

You are required to contact us before using this service. We will provide you with the address where can we receive this type of shipment. For both, pallet and container. 

Storage Fees

No storage fees for the first 15 days if we are also providing prep services. We manage storage on a FIFO basis. Storage fees are billed at a rate of $0.5 per cu.

Oversized Items:

Prices for oversize items are the same as standard-size items.  However, we do charge $2.00 per shipping box for any extra boxes we need to use.

Outbound Boxes and Pallets

We reuse boxes and dunnage if the materials are reusable when re-boxing items for outbound shipping. If we are unable to reuse your suppliers’ boxes, then we may charge for new boxes. Box rates are $2 for small, $4 for medium and $8 for large. 

$20.00 per pallet for outbound LTL shipments.

Receiving Fees

We charge $20 per delivery receipt from ground-deliveries or per pallet from LTL deliveries.

For example:

When receiving an LTL delivery of pallets, the charge is $25 per pallet on that same delivery event. This charge includes down-stacking all pallets received.

When receiving ground deliveries, there is no limit on the number of boxes received. If we receive 1 or 20 on the same delivery event, the charge will be $25*1 or $25*20 for that delivery event.

Note:  This fee only applies to the commercial warehouse in CA. 

Poly Bags, Bubble Wrap, or Shrink Wrap

We use standard 1.5 ml clear poly bags and 3/16″ bubble wrap sheets.

We charge $0.15 per Poly Bag and $0.15 per sheet of Bubble Wrap.

If your products need a thicker poly bag for more protection, or you request a thicker poly bag, then we will provide a quote per bag at the time of service.

We charge $0.15 per unit for shrinking wrapping. There is no size minimum or maximum. In most cases, large items will be poly bagged.

Special Note on Product Boxes and Kit Assembly

If you use product boxes for your items, then we add $0.20 for box assembly. This does not include the price of the box.

Additional services are available on a per quote basis for kit assembly.

Bundle Prices

We charge the following prices:

$0.85 for bundles of 2 items
$1.35 for bundles of 3, 4, or 5 items
$1.85 for bundles of 6 or more items

Standard 1.5 ml Poly Bags are $0.15 per Poly Bag, and Bubble Wrap, if needed, is $0.15 per sheet.

If your products require thicker poly bags for more protection, then we will provide a quote per bag at the time of service.
Pricing is subject to change based on the prep needs of the bundles. Please contact us if you have any questions about your specific bundling needs.


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